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Desert Realty – the book

“This is the southern California desert as you’ve never seen it – and won’t ever see it, except through the extraordinary lens of photographer-artist Ed Freeman.”

“I am never content merely to observe, and it is just not in my nature to leave well enough alone.”

“Freeman blurs the line between reportage and fantasy and slyly challenges the supposed sanctity of realistic art photography.”

– from the introduction to Desert Realty

Originally published by Los Angeles Times Books, Desert Realty is now available exclusively through this website. The forty-eight pictures printed on heavy stock in this hardcover, coffee-table book include all the images in the Desert Realty portfolio plus many others. There is also an appendix with before/after examples that explains in detail the transformation the original photographs have undergone to produce the final images. 

Size: 10 3/4” wide by 11 1/4” tall