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Inspired by traditional Hindu and Buddhist mandalas, these updated mandalas are composed of photographs of organic components – primarily flowers, leaves and seashells. The individual components are often unrecognizable due to mirroring, distortion and combining with other elements, but close examination will reveal minute flaws that are not present in computer drawings. Unlike traditional mandalas, they have seven sides, a number laden with mystical and mythological significance.

Creating these mandalas is a contemplative, meditative experience for me. It is an enormously complex and detailed process that requires total concentration. Other pictures I can work on during the day with music blaring; these I work on late at night in complete silence. They are a source of endless exploration and discovery for me; I hope they can be the same for you.

Prints are made on heavy watercolor paper, signed and numbered front and back. All mandalas are available in limited editions in other sizes, both larger and smaller; please inquire.