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Underwater PLAYBOY Cover 2019 - Ed Freeman Fine Art

Underwater PLAYBOY Cover 2019

Note* The print does not come with the PLAYBOY logo. 

This image was created for PLAYBOY's 2019 summer cover. Signed edition prints will be available November 2019, as well as other images from this shoot.  You can preorder a print today.  Signed covers of the Q3 will also be available. 

Underwater is one of the most demanding, yet rewarding environments for fine art figure photography. Bodies, attitudes, and relationships transform in a gravity-free environment, creating new options for images that would be difficult or impossible to achieve on dry land.

These images are photographed in swimming pools in and around Los Angeles, using only natural light. Each one requires many hours of computer retouching and enhancement to bring out the color and detail that underwater photography often lacks. Limited edition prints are made on heavy fine art paper and have a greater life expectancy than archival wet process prints.

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